Exxapatent Are International London Based IP Attorneys, Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys and Design Attorneys. We offer European, UK US and International Patent, Design, Trademark and IP professional attorney services   We have extensive experience in all aspects of IP.

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 European Patent Attorneys EXXAPATENT provides professional intellectual property attorney services. We offer decades of experience in all aspects of intellectual Property (IP) .  All of our work is done by qualified professionals. We are  UK Patent Attorneys, European Patent Attorneys, European Trademark Attorneys, European Design Attorneys & UK Design Attorneys. We have extensive British Patent experience, US Patent experience, European Patent experience  and Japanese Patent experience. We have filed  Trademarks all over the World. We have extensive experience in  British (UK) Registered design applications and European Community (EU) design registrations. We provide general copyright advice and assistance including software copyright. Take advantage of our Patent  Attorney, Trademark Attiorney & Design Attorney services.


EUROPEAN PATENT ATTORNEYS: UK PATENT ATTORNEYS : We are experienced European patent attorneys & UK patent attorneys.  We provide patent searches, patent application preparation, patent filing, patent prosecution, patent renewals and patent validity  opinions and patent infringement opinions.  Do you have an invention? Whether you are a company or a lone inventor, we will be happy to prepare a patent application and to file the patent application to turn it into a patent  to protect your idea so that you may  to exploit it. We also offer patent license, patent assignment and patent renewal services. We have filed and prosecuted patent applications throughout Europe, in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand,  Russia, Eurasia, China, Singapore Malaysia Taiwan and Japan. We specialize in Physics, Materials, Electronic Engineering, Optical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Software Enginering, Mechanical Engineering,  Radio  IT and Internet IP engineering together with Medical Apparatus and business method inventions.  Click here for our recent  patent experience. Email us for cost

European Patent Attorney


UK & EU Designs  REGISTERED DESIGN ATTORNEYS: We are  experienced UK design attorneys & European design attorneys. We offer  design application preparation and filing in the European Union and UK. Do you have a design for an object, applied decoration or even a fashion collection? We prepare and file EU design applications or  UK design applications to protect the appearance by registration. We also offer design licensing, design assignment and design renewal services. We discuss your needs and file and prosecuted design registrations in the UK, European Community, the Far East, Australasia and the USA.  Email us for cost.


 TRADEMARK ATTORNEYS: We are experienced European Trademark attorneys & UK Trademark Attorneys experience in Branding. Ste up your brand. We offer fixed cost trademark searches, trademark application preparation, trademark  filing and trademark prosecution.  Does a brand, service, product or trade name require protection? We discuss your needs and prepare trademark applications and   file and prosecute the trademark applications to protect business. We also provide  trademark licensing, trademark assignment and trademark renewal services. We have filed Trademark Applicatiions and prosecuted Trademark applications all around the world.  UK & European Attorney


European Patent Attorney

OVERSEAS ATTORNEY FIRMS: Are you an overseas Patent Attorney, Design Attorney, Trademark Attorney or  IP attorney firm seeking to file patents, trademarks or designs, or seeking other services in UK or Europe? We will be happy to discuss your needs in all areas. We are happy to be an EEA  Address for Service  for  UK and EPC and PCT Patent Applications. We are also available for European Patent Validation and prosecution and PCT vaildation and prosecution.


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